Billie Eilish

Listening to Billie Eilish songs for a while now. I’m not you’re party favorite. Hello. Now I know. You could have done it better. But we can change the weather. And the weather’s kind of good. Words, make, songs. You hear stay, and bye bye bye. you just want what you can’t have. no way i’ll call the cops if you don’t call you i’ll call you back. and i hate to do this to you on your birthday, happy birthday, by the way. It’s not you it’s me and all that other bullshit. you know that’s bullshit don’t you pray. i’m not your party favorite.

wait a minute. let me finish. i know you don’t care. but can you listen? i came committed.

LOL Rock Band

LOL Rock Band was the name of the band. Or maybe it was the Gods of Kink. It existed in the Hudson house on 67 Felton Street. The lease started sept 1, 2001 just 10 days before 9/11. I was in school at BU then. It seems ages before I met Angela but was only 2.5 months before. She was already in the United States.

Home Music Studio

Thinking about a home music studio. I haven’t had my computer set up for recording and producing music since 2003. It was the computer I built when I was at BU CEC studying microsoft desktop support. I loaded 2 programs, Cake Walk and Acid Music onto my computer. Connected my microphone, guitars, mixing board, and went to town. Recorded a bunch of songs. Maybe it’s about that time again.

Vestal Temple

The sacred fire of the vestal temple is the center of Rome.

Happy Sunday to all and welcome back.
The temple of Vesta in the center of the Roman Forum.
The sacred fire of Rome is never extinguished, even in this sad period, it is there, but it is not seen because it is in our hearts and it will flare up again.
The past has never been so present.

atavisticapp #fororomano #roma Capitolium

Buona domenica a tutti e ben ritrovati.
Il tempio di Vesta al centro del Foro Romano.
Il fuoco sacro di Roma non si è mai spento, anche in questo triste periodo, c’è, ma non si vede perchè è nei nostri cuori e divamperà di nuovo statene certi.
Il passato non è mai stato così presente.

atavisticapp #fororomano #roma Capitolium



I joined brown ballroom in 2007. I went to Harvard beginners also in 2007 to watch. I took a ballroom class at Harvard in 2014. I went to Harvard ballroom team after that for a day and got a lesson. Then I went to the Netherlands. In Jan 2017 I went back to the Harvard ballroom team. I was told to come back in September. I came the second day of class in sept 2017. We learned latin and standard. It was Thursday. On Tuesday I came to the next class. I brought a local guy. He brought my guitar into class. He danced with a girl. He went out for a smoke and got in trouble with security. You can’t smoke on Harvard campus. I met him from a guy in my Fall River building in December 2007.

Spank Song

This is a description of the Spank Song, more formally, Spank That Ass. It’s a song that I wrote in January 1998 with 2 people I know from UMass Dartmouth. Even though I graduated in 1996, I continued to hang out at the school. The song was turned into a techno house music song in 2003 and was played for 6 months as the last song of the night in the largest dance club in boston. unfortunately all copies of the song were lost. but the club had a capacity of at least 1500 people. The club then was called the Roxy. Now it has changed its name to Royale. DJ Adilson edited the song using Acid Music. There have been talks to make a new version of the song in house music, as well as hip hop, country, and other versions.